Fresh Ideas Group (FIG)

When you work for clients you believe in, it’s easy to get a good night’s sleep. We’re an agency with a purpose beyond profit and we work with clients that have the same DNA. Sylvia R. Tawse founded FIG in 1995 with a vision: build a marketing firm that fills the communications gap between the organic industry, retailers and consumers with effective and powerful storytelling that needs no spin — ever. We’ve told our clients’ purposeful stories ever since.

We excel in the areas of public relations, branding, marketing communications and social media. Our clients’ missions drive us and we accelerate their stories, traditionally and digitally, in a refreshingly unconventional way. We have the track record to prove it. We’ve clocked two decades of purpose-driven marketing before it was hip to be conscious. Why? So you can also sleep better at night. How refreshing is that?

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